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Spackman Media Group Artist Son Suk-Ku To Star In Upcoming Netflix Original K-Drama, MURDEROUS TOY

Jumat, 27 Mei 2022 | 09:19
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 26 May 2022 - Spackman Entertainment Group Limited (the "Group"), one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups founded in 2011 by media & technology investor Charles Spackman, wishes to announce that the Son Suk-ku of the Group's associated company, Spackman Media Group Limited ("Spackman Media Group"), is set to star in upcoming Netflix original K-drama, MURDEROUS TOY.

Other than Son Suk-ku of Spackman Media Group, MURDEROUS TOY also stars Choi Woo Shik of the film PARASITE (2019). Produced by Showbox, MURDEROUS TOY is a comedy thriller drama based on the popular webtoon series of the same name. The story revolves around an ordinary man (played by Choi Woo Shik) who murders a serial killer on the loose. After committing the crime, he runs for his life as he is chased by a skilled detective (played by Son Suk-ku of Spackman Media Group).

Filming for MURDEROUS TOY is scheduled to begin in the second half of this year. MURDEROUS TOY is directed by Lee Chang Hee of the drama HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE (2019) and the film THE VANISHED (2018).

Son Suk-ku is represented by SBD Entertainment Inc. ("SBD Entertainment"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spackman Media Group.

With the release of his latest drama MY LIBERATION NOTES and film THE ROUNDUP, Son Suk-ku topped the most popular actor in Korea for four weeks in a row, according to Good Data TV Popularity Research as of May 24. Based on the same data research, MY LIBERATION NOTES, starring Son Suk-ku of SBD Entertainment, maintained its #1 spot in TV drama rankings in Korea for three consecutive weeks.

Son Suk-ku's film THE ROUNDUP, a sequel film to the 2017 hit THE OUTLAWS, achieved the best ticket sales since FROZEN 2 in 2019 and maintained its #1 position at the Korean box office as of May 24. The film was pre-sold to 132 countries around the world, including Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and France, as well as the regions of North America and Eastern Europe.

Other than Son Suk-ku, SBD Entertainment also represents one of Korea's rapidly rising young actors, Han Ji-hyun of popular K-drama THE PENTHOUSE 3, who won the Best Rookie Female Actor in the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards in Korea and endorsed luxury brand Gucci in April 2021.