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Satgas Karhutla Riau Take 4 Helicopters to Set off Forest and Land Fires

Senin, 13 Agustus 2018 | 12:48
Photo Illustration
PEKANBARU, RIAUGREEN.COM - The Riau Province Forest and Land Fires Task Force Team mobilized four water bombing helicopters to fire forest and land fires in the area on Saturday (08/11/2018) yesterday.

Quoted from Kompas.com, Forest and land fires again hit Riau and the number of hot spots continues to increase, Currently there are 46 hot spots.

"Efforts to combat forest and land fires continue to be carried out by joint task force teams at every hot spot and hotspot," Say Head of BPBD Riau, Edwar Sanger.

In addition to air blackouts using helicopters, a ground team consisting of BPBD personnel, TNI, Polri, Manggala Agni, Damkar, Community Care for Fire (MPA), also made blackouts using water hoses and other blackout equipment.

The four water bombing helicopters were deployed yesterday in two locations, namely Sam Sam Village, Kandis Subdistrict and Siak District, both Bengkalis Districts.
According to Edwar, although there are currently many new hot spots appearing, the situation can still be controlled by the task force team.

On the afternoon of yesterday, land fires also occurred in Jalan Beringin, Payung Sekaki Sub-district, Pekanbaru and the city's BPBD officers have sought blackouts so that the fires do not spread and cause haze. (*)


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