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Magical! Bono Waves as High as 6 Meters in Kampar River Riau

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2018 | 13:23
RIAUGREEN.COM - This is the Kampar River in Riau which is called miraculous. Have 6-meter-high waves stretching hundreds of meters, called Bono Waves!

If you are looking for the most unique surfing spots in the world, the Kampar River must be included in the list. This river is famous for the Bono Wave, which is not just an ordinary wave but can only be conquered by professional surfers.

As seen by detikTravel from the official Indonesian tourism site, Thursday (6/10/2016) Wave of Bono on the Kampar River has become a tourist attraction that is not owned by other regions in Indonesia. His name is global, because there aren't many phenomena like this in the world.

Bono waves are natural events that occur due to the convergence of tidal currents of the sea with wide river estuaries. Coupled with the wind and cliffs on the left and right, created the waves of the river is very challenging!

Bono Wave also extends about 300 meters, with waves forming up to 6 meters high and speeds of 40 km per hour. Not to mention, the sound of the waves will make goosebumps.

This challenging wave moves from the mouth of the estuary to the upper reaches of the river or begins from Pulau Muda to the Bay of Binjai on the Kampar River.

Riau locals believe that Bono in the Kampar River is a male Bono, while the Bono Betana is on the Rokan River, Bagansiapi-api. The number of Bonos is 7, so the Bono wave here is often referred to as the wave of seven ghosts.

Time of occurrence is only a certain time. Usually when the full moon occurs every 10-20 days in the calculation of the Malay month (Arabic) or in the August-December range of the Christian calendar.

Bono Wave has become the most famous tourist attraction in Indonesia. This wave is the place to play for world surfers. It takes courage and high skill, because surfing there is not as easy as surfing the sea.

Because of river water, surf boards will be more difficult to move. A wave that shot with great strength, made the surfboard easily jerk. so once again, only professional surfers are allowed to play there.

Kampar River, as 'home' of the Wave Bono located in Teluk Meranti, Palalawan Regency, Riau. From Pekanbaru City, it takes about 6-7 hours to get there. In the village of Meranti itself, there have been many homestays for those who want to spend the night.

Interested in playing with this Bono?