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Visiting Bali, David Beckham Exhibits the Beauty of the Island of the Gods

Senin, 13 Agustus 2018 | 14:29
David Beckham di Bali (Instagram @davidbeckham)
RIAUGREEN.COM - David Beckham is active in sharing holiday activities with family in Bali, Indonesia through Instastories on Instagram account @davidbeckham. Although Bali has become a popular destination for foreign tourists, Victoria Beckham's husband took part in promoting the Island of the Gods.

Reporting from liputan6.com, Several times visited Indonesia, it could be David Beckham has a special relationship with the country. To the extent that in one upload the Instastories he captured Indonesian flags sold on the roadside ahead of the 73rd Indonesian Independence Day.

So what have the former footballer promoted for more than 50 million Instagram followers? Surely Indonesian culinary wealth.

The father of four children exhibited a cup of coffee followed by a variety of Indonesian special spices such as chili, onion, ginger, pepper, not to miss the vegetables.

After being satisfied with cooking and enjoying culinary archipelago, they enjoyed various water activities on the beach located inside the resort. Starting from surfing to relaxing on the edge.

After that, Beckham also took a selfie with her children in front of the waterfall. While Brooklyn's eldest Beckham is standing in front of the temple, an iconic building that is rich in Balinese culture.

At the end of the adventure in his stories, he wrote Loving Beautiful Bali. What more excitement will the Beckham Family go through?

Victoria Beckham also perpetuated her activities in Bali. He is seen enjoying traditional Balinese dance. The first dance of two Balinese girls. Well, in the second dance, he shared his other videos which he thought were frightening.

"U have no idea how scary this dude is!" wrote Victoria Becham in uploading the story, Thursday (08/09/2018). (l6)