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Can Be Whispering, Aceh Beting Beach on Rupat Island Is Enchanting

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2018 | 13:55
The Aceh Beting coastline that stretches beautifully with white sand and the fairy tale can whisper.
RUPAT, RIAUGREEN.COM - Aceh Beting Island is a small island in North Rupat, Bengkalis Regency, Riau. Not many people know that this Aceh Beting beach sand can whisper, precisely ringing when touched. White ruler, from every corner of the eye, the only reflection of the white sand surrounding the beautiful little island.

The Head of the Bengkalis Regency Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports (Disbudparpora) Office, Eduar MPSa in 2016 said that the inhabited island often attracts tourists to come back to enjoy the natural beauty around it.

"As one of the outermost islands in Indonesia, this small island is amazingly amazing. Many tourists who come to the sand island repeatedly, said the Rupat people who rent their pompong to take tourists to the Aceh Beting," said Eduar.

Usually, local residents who bring tourists to the Aceh Beting will stop by for a moment to the island of Babi which is adjacent to the Aceh Beting. On this island of Babi there were also no residents living there. Its natural beauty is still very well maintained. It's just that the coastline of the island of Babi is not sandy like on the island of Aceh Beting.

"The edge of the beach is clay. We don't find sand whispering there. But the island of Pigs also has amazing natural beauty," Eduar said again.

From Teluk Rhu beach, Eduar said, tourists can rent local motorboats to deliver to the Aceh Beting. It takes 45 minutes to get to the Aceh Beting from Teluk Rhu beach. Tourists can feel a little heart exercise and a splash of salty sea water.

"But when arriving in Aceh Beting, tourists will not be disappointed. The island is extraordinarily beautiful, white sand is very smooth. Besides enjoying the beauty of Rupat beach, it's good for tourists to visit one of Rupat Island tourist destinations such as the Aceh Beting. It can take 2 or 3 days to visit all the attractions in North Rupat, "Eduar closed. (rdk)

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